- 2 participants
- 2 workouts per day
- summarizing with participants every week (video interview with the most interesting moments for the period)
- training with prominent show business people, opinion leaders, businessmen, etc.
- diverse content with over 50 different sports
- interactive with partners and project sponsors
- attraction of project participants to sports and fitness activities of partners
Throughout 2018, Vlasov Nikita trained daily, not missing a single day.
All events are recorded online and set a Guinness Book of Records record.
During this time the project involves more than 50 different sports and fitness classes.
Training took place regardless of life situations and the location of the owner of the record.
Every time, Nikita trained, turned on live and the audience could see him runs​​​​​​​
This is a new part of this show. Decent support in the form of 3D animation of the logo is required. Brutal, heavy, dirty
The result of working with this input is shown below.

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