Peer Gunk Getter | 3d motion design
The main purpose of this video was to show the company's main product lines. 
It was also necessary to show the features of some products, for example, such that the towel will already be included with the cleaning product itself and many other features.
Big bottle
Travel bottle
Gel Pouch
Screen Cleaner
It all started with the development of 3D models and textures. Everything had to be as accurate as possible, since this is not a concept, but an already existing product. The buyer must not be misled.
Starting with a photo from the manufacturer, we developed models and scanned the texture of the towel.
In this particular case, the client wanted to realize his script and his vision of the scenes - with which I completely agreed, 
since I also immediately liked the script
Next we started animating the scenes
And of course, searching for music and further editing

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