Beautiful and functional background for the website of a company that sells cars.


The guys from the RIBS agency immediately proposed the idea of ​​a hangar in which the main cars would be concentrated.
(by the way, they set the task, they are really multifunctional guys)

3D models were purchased, the hangar was also purchased. The surroundings and furnishings were supposed to convey the feeling of a hangar and a car dealership at the same time. I think it succeeded.
For maximum coverage of each model in the frame, a half-turn angle was chosen.
I was solely responsible for the entourage, materials, lighting and rendering. The rest of the work was done by the studio.
The mechanism of operation is standard:
Pre-renders, previews, mistakes, headaches, lack of sleep, but in the end - a beautiful picture.

The made sequence was handed over to the developers who did the rest of the miracles.
For me personally, this case was to some extent a challenge. It was necessary to create a picture on the verge of reality. But not realistic.
For this, slightly richer colors and not quite real flares were chosen.
Also, the environment is a bit empty, but not overloaded. And neon. 
Just because I love him. Who doesn't love him at all?
studio: ribs.one
client: onexport.com.ua
me: rchmnn.com

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