WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
It is a very famous company that produces disposable pod systems.
When I saw this product for the first time, its colors and options, I became interested in what kind of commercials are selling such things. On the official website, I found many interesting and beautiful renders, but they are spot-on, for each product separately. In this video, I tried to show a little more assortment from the "image" side. I did not focus on diversity and functionality, but only tried to show the brand and its main, in my opinion, products from the other side. As a result of working with a
3D modeler, we got a fresh video, a new look at a brand that has long been a favorite among vapers
What attracts the most attention are the colors.
There are many of them here, and I wanted to show their diversity.

We didn't try to copy the device perfectly, but we still had to achieve a certain "similarity".
There were many small problems with the models, but they were all solved in the process.

Many attempts to match real photos, and it was especially difficult to make the texture of a certain model. But in this case, we were lucky, and on the official website of the manufacturer there are pdf documents in the layers of which there were the fonts and textures we needed. 
Having disassembled these documents, we got everything we needed.
Having collected some animation references, it turned out to be a rather dynamic story.
music: Nate Rose - Ranch
Thanks for watching!

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